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Moga Sweets is the best place for Indian cuisine in abbotsford and it became very popular in Fraser Valley. We made food with heart and serve with happiness. We have huge range and variety of Indian food for our community, we use fresh oils & Vegetables & traditional indian spices for making of Recipes.

At Moga Sweets we serve vegetarian, non-vegetarian appetizers, main course, salads and deserts. Our menu is full of choices of Indian food and is prepared with fresh ingredients. Our aim is to serve you fresh, healthy, warm and tasty food. You can order your food on phone or walk-in at our Abbotsford location.

  • Real Taste


    Real Indian Sweets
  • Spicy & Crunchy

    Snacks &

  • Delicious Indian Foods


    Traditional Spices
  • All Varieties

    of Non Veg



    1. Samosa (each)                         $0.75
    A triangular Deep Fried, Pastry, Containing Spices, Potatoes and Peas, Served with a side of Special Tamarind Sauce

    2. Samosa Plate (2pc)               $3.99
    Served with side of Chickpeas & Special Tamarind sauce

    3. Vegetable Pakora                  $5.99
    Mixed vegetables marinated in a mixture of Gram Flour, Exotic herbs and spices and then deep fried

    4. Paneer Pakora                        $7.99
    Home made fresh cheese stuffed with mint, dipped in gram flour then deep fried. Served with a side of special chutney.

    5. Chole Bhature (2pc)              $5.99
    Leavened deep fried soft bread and curried chickpeas, Served with carrot pickle, onion & green chillies

    6. Aloo Tikki (each)                 $0.75
    A round, deep fried, crispy patty filled with spiced potatoes, onions and green chillies. Served with a special chutney

    7. Aloo Tikki Plate (2pc)          $3.99
    Served with side of Chickpeas & Special Tamarind sauce

    8. Aloo Poori          $5.99
    9. Noodles Veg.          Reg. $6.99 Lrg. $9.99
    10. Noodles Chicken          Reg. $8.99 Lrg. $11.99
    11. Dahi Bhalla (2pc)               $5.99
    Yogurt filled with a pair of soft spongy lentil balls topped with herbs, spices & A variety of sauces

    12. Chat Papri                           $5.99
    Deep fried flour wafered with mashed potatoes, topped with sweetened yogurt, mint & Tamarind Chutney

    13. Gol Gappe (10pc)          $5.99
    14. Chicken Pakora                      $9.99
    Boneless Chicken marinated with herbs, exotic, special spices coated with gram flour then deep fried

    15. Fish Pakora                             $8.99
    Tender pieces of Fish marinated with yogurt, herbs, lime, exotic special spices then deep fried

    16. Classic Paneer Tikka          $8.99
    Fresh Paneer (Cottage Cheese) Marinated in cubes with green pepper, Onions, Tomatoes, Royal herbs then slowly cooked in clay oven

    17. Fish Tikka                               $10.00
    Fish cubes marinated in a variety of mild herbs, lemon juice & exotic Indian Kabab Masala then slowly grilled in clay oven

    18. Chicken Tikka                        $10.00
    Boneless Chicken Pieces, marinated overnight in yogurt, royal herbs & unique spice, then cooked in the tandoor oven

    19. Chicken Tikka                        $10.00
    Lemon, Haryali, Lemon, Afgani, Achari

  • VEGETARIAN                   Reg.          Lrg.
    20. Dal Makhani              $8.00         $10.00
    Lentils Cooked in Tomatoes, Onions, royal herbs, cream based gravy with aromatic spices then finished with butter

    21. Yellow Daal              $8.00         $10.00
    Lentils Cooked with tomatoes, onions, turmeric & indian spices

    22. Cheese Tomato         $9.00         $12.00
    Fresh Cheeses Cooked with BC Fresh Tomatos in Classic Curry Sauce

    23. Aloo Gobi                 $9.00         $12.00
    Cauliflower (Gobi) & Potatoes (Aloo) cooked in traditional spices tossed with fresh coriander leaves

    24. Chana Masala           $9.00         $12.00
    White chickpeas, simmered a special gravy & spices then tossed with fresh coriander leaves

    25. Bhindi Masala           $9.00         $12.00
    Deep fried okra sauteed with diced onions, tomatoes, royal herbs & aromatic spices

    26. Shahi Paneer           $9.00         $12.00
    Fresh Paneer (Cottage Cheese) cooked with aromatic thick cream based cashew sauce

    27. Mixed Vegetables              $9.00         $12.00
    Seasonal Vegetables cooked with exotic Indian spices & herbs

    28. Palak Paneer              $9.00         $12.00
    Consisting of fresh Paneer in a thick paste made from pureed spinach with herbs, garlic, onions & authentic spices

    29. Paneer Bhurji              $9.00         $12.00
    Shredded fresh cheese in fresh green peppers, tomatoes & onions with butter & spices

    30. Bengan Bhartha              $9.00         $12.00
    Eggplant roasted over the flame, mashed then sauteed with tomatoes, onions, ginger & sichuan spices

    31. Malai Kofta              $9.00         $12.00
    Homemade fresh paneer & vegetables balls fried and cooked lightly in spices & creamy sauce

    32. Mutter Paneer              $9.00         $12.00
    Fresh green peas & homemade cottage cheese cubes cooked in aromatic cream based sauce

    33. Karahi Paneer              $9.00         $12.00
    Fresh Paneer (Cottage cheese) cooked with onions, tomatoes & capsicums in a chef specials thick curry sauce

    34. Chilli Paneer              $9.00         $12.00
    Fresh Paneer (Cottage cheese) cooked with green peppers, onions, tomatoes & chef specials unique thick sauce

    35. Paneer Makhani              $9.00         $12.00
    Homemade fresh classic cottage cheese cooked in creamy tomato sauce with aromatic indian spices

    36. Zeera Aloo              $8.00         $11.00
    Chunky Diced Baby Potatoes Tempered with cumin seeds & Butter, granished with fresh coriander leaves

  • NON VEGETARIAN                  Reg.          Lrg.
    37. Handi Chicken (Moga Sweet Chef Special)              $11.00        $14.00
    38. Cream Chicken              $11.00        $14.00
    Cream, Black Pepper, Cashew & Herbs

    39. Tandoori Chicken, Haryali Chicken, Lemon Chicken, Afgani Chicken, Achari Chicken              $1.50 each pc.
    The King of Kababs marinated in traditional spices with herbs, yogurt, ginger, garlic & Bar-B-Qued in clay oven

    40. Butter Chicken              $11.00        $14.00
    Boneless Chicken breast marinated & grilled in tandoor then cooked in a chef special authentic sauce with hint of butter & cream with savory spices

    41. Karahi Chicken              $11.00        $14.00
    Boneless chicken breast cooked with green peppers, onions, tomatoes, garlic & traditional Indian spices

    42. Chicken Curry              $11.00        $14.00
    Boneless chicken breast cooked in tomatoes, onions, garlic, ginger with powdered spices & infused with fragrant herbs

    43. Chicken Masala              $11.00         $14.00
    Chunks of boneless chicken breast cooked in a gravy made from onions, blended tomatoes, bell peppers & a variety of herbs & spices

    44. Chilli Chicken              $11.00         $14.00
    Chicken (boneless) Breast cooked with green peppers, onions, tomatoes & chef special unique thick sauce

    45. Chicken Vindaloo              $11.00         $14.00
    Boneless Chicken cooked in garlic, ginger, onion, tomatoes & chef`s special unique thick sauce

    46. Chicken Palak              $11.00         $14.00
    Boneless Chicken breast cooked with fresh spinach, ginger & traditional Indian sauces

    47. Goat Curry              $11.00         $14.00
    Cubes of Goat sauteed with onions, tomatoes based gravy with indian herbs & traditional spices

    48. Egg Bhurji              $9.00         $12.00
    Scrambled eggs with red onion, red bell peppers, spicy green pepper & traditional spices

    49. Chilli Fish              $11.00         $14.00
    Boneless fish cooked with bell peppers, onions, chef special unique thick sauce

    50. Chilli Fish              $11.00         $14.00
  • RICE                                            Reg.          Lrg.
    51. Basmati Rice                        $4.00         $6.00
    Basmati rice cooked with royal cumin seeds

    52. Vegetarian Biryani              $8.00          $11.00
    Aromatic Basmati rice cooked with fresh vegetables & royal herbs

    53. Chicken Biryani                  $11.00        $14.00
    Chicken & Basmati rice cooked with aromatic indian spices & herbs

    54. Lamb Curry                       $11.00        $14.00
    Boneless Lamb cooked in Curry sauce with rare spices

    55. Karahi Lamb                      $11.00       $14.00
    Lamb cooked with Fresh onion, green pepper, tomatoes & Traditional Indian Spices.

    56. Lamb Vindaloo                  $11.00        $14.00
    Boneless Lamb cooked in Curry sauce with potatoes & Herbs

  • CHINESE STYLE                    Reg.          Lrg.
    57. Veg. Manchurian              $7.00         $10.00

    58. Chicken Manchurian              $8.00         $12.00

    59. Kabab Wrap              $6.99

    60. Egg Pakora              $10.99

    61. Kabab (10pc)              $12.99

    62. Paneer & Veg. Wrap              $6.00

    63. Chicken & Veg. Wrap              $6.99

    64. Chicken & Rice Wrap              $6.99

    65. Chilli Paneer Dry (without Gravy)      $9.00         $12.00

    66. Chilli Chicken Dry (without Gravy)      $11.00         $14.00

    67. Roti                         $1.00
    A flat round shaped, thin bread cooked on a griddle

    68. Naan                        $1.50
    Soft & fluffy leavened bread cooked in a traditional tandoor oven

    69. Garlic Naan            $2.00
    Naan baked in tandoor with topping of garlic & cilantro

    70. Tandoori Roti          $1.50
    Whole wheat bread baked to perfection in the tandoor

    71. Butter Naan              $2.00
    Baked tandoori bread with Butter

    72. Chicken Naan            $3.00
    73. Parantha            $2.00
    74. Mix Parantha            $3.00
    75. Tandoori Parantha            $4.00
    76. Vegetable Raita        Reg. $5.00 Lrg. $7.00
    Fresh plain yogurt with diced cucumber, onions, carrots, mildly spiced

    77. Boondi Raita            Reg. $5.00 Lrg. $7.00
    Gram flour pearls in a mildly spiced fresh yogurt

    78. Green Salad            Reg. $3.00 Lrg. $5.00
    Fresh green relishes of cucumber, green peppers, tomato, onion

    79. Ras Malai (2 pc)             $3.00
    Fresh homemade cottage cheese patty served cold with Pista & Milk Cream

    80. Gulab Jamun (2 pc)      $2.50

    81. Garam Gajrela               $7.99
    Fresh BC Carrots crated & reduced in Khoya


What Customers Say

  • "Every time I come, you guys make me feel like I'm in home ! Love the people and the food!"

    - Christopher "Jazz"

  • have visited too many Indian restaurants and this is my favorite by far. The food is amazing and worth the drive.

    -Alisha H.

  • Family and I have eaten several times. Love the food, the best place in town! Thank you to the Chef and the cooks that prepare the delicious food.

    - Jayesh

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